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About Us 

We Are The Village Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Jaunesia Davis. Very early on she noticed that her middle child wasn't developing appropriately. This drove her to seek immediate help, doctors gave her little to no hope that her son would live a normal life, but now he has a full vocabulary and has defeated every obstacle that we've faced. Being a single parent made it very hard to juggle school, daycare, and work she knew this was stressful for her son also. Due to a lack of funding and limited resources, we had to seek help outside of Gary, and Jaunesia is determined to change that! We Are The Village is currently the only childcare center that offers a special education program and Jaunesia is the co-owner of Gary's first Autism resource center. The village helped her and now she's opening our village doors so that we help can you.

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