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Pre K

Special Education

Tenacity is the ability to be very determined and persistent, which is essential to children’s success in school and in life. Our play based preschool classrooms will introduce our stem program. This program will help them learn activities that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. We will work with every child individually to ensure that they are learning at the proper level. Our state-of-the-art programs are designed to develop children’s…



Language and Literacy Skills

  • Engage in long conversation using a variety of words

  • Identify the sounds in words

  • Recognize some letters and sound them out

  • Identify his/her name and begin to write it

Social and Emotional skills

  • Understand taking turns

  • Working together to solve problems

  • Creating authentic friendships with familiar adults

  • Express emotions through pretend play

Physical Developmental Skills

  • Jumping, hopping

  • Tracing letters and shapes

  • Establishing the use of the left or right hand

  • Gain independence such as removing clothes to use the restroom and wash hands

  • Recognize good and bad food


Cognitive Development Skills

  • Participate in stem related experiments

  • Using new and creative ways to symbolize things

  • Enhance fine and gross motor skills

  • Understanding when it’s time to self-regulate

  • Engaging in pretend play by themselves and with peers

Young learners will continue to grow independence through a more structured learning setting in our pre k program. Our compassionate teachers will assist your child as they enter their “Graduation to Kindergarten”. We will help children advance on levels that they create. Letting them guide us down their own individual road to success. We are more than just a daycare our state-of-the-art programs are designed to develop children’s…



Language and Literacy Skills

  • Use complete sentences with four or more words

  • Describe familiar people, places, and objects

  • Speak clear enough that everyone understands

  • Recognize words that rhyme

  • Read and tell stories

Social and Emotional skills

  • Interact with new and familiar people

  • Offer to share space and personal items

  • Exhibits critical thinking and social intelligence by offering solutions to problems

  • Establish long lasting relationships with multiple classmates who share the same interest.

Physical Developmental Skills

  • Hops and stands on one foot for a short period of time

  • Pours, separates, and mashes his/her own food

  • Catches a bounced ball most of the time

  • Uses scissors

Cognitive Development Skills

  • Advance in our stem program

  • Count accurately

  • Group and regroup objects

  • Identify color shapes and sizes

  • Starting task and finishing them

Special means different and a little more attention. From birth we as parents lay down the concert for our children’s road to success. We Are The Village will implement a program that will not only help children but their parents as well. Our loving teachers will create bonds with families that will last for years to come. We will offer three different type of therapy services on site…


Developmental Therapy

  • Motor skills

  • Language skills

  • Social-emotional skills

Occupational and Physical Therapy

  • Improve children’s ability to preform daily living activities

  • Improve fine and gross motor skills

  • Create independence that helps with self esteem

Speech Therapy

  • Language intervention activities

  • Oral motor and swallowing activities

  • Articulation activities

     Our certified ABA specialist will work in small setting classrooms to ensure that our children are receiving the time and attention they need. We understand that every child is not the same and some may need a little extra care so we will provide more teachers, time, and space. Our special education rooms will have low sensory for our children who have sensitivities to light and loud sounds. We are changing the image of daycare, we want families to feel safe knowing that their children are in our care. This will be everyone’s second home.

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